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Day and night high visibility power pole markers 

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Power poles and power lines are a significant hazard on Australian rural properties.

Farm machinery and aircraft regularly collide with power poles and power lines resulting in power outages, damage to both power networks and farming equipment, and poses a high safety risk to people and property.

The concept of the Powerband Reflector is based on feedback from landowners and the desire to develop a simple solution to increase farmer safety near infrastructure.

Why install?


- A safer workplace

- Continual reflection from all approach angles

- High visibility day and night

- Simple and fast installation

- Heavy duty design

- Designed to withstand harsh climates

- Low maintenance after installation

- Cost effective solution

- WHS compliance

Installation Guide


1. Gain necessary approvals and/or permissions in accordance with all legislative and regulatory requirements.

2. Wear appropriate PPE during handling and installation.

3. Attach using nails, screws, adhesive or additional holes can be added for banding or cable ties.


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